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Posted by t[email protected] on May 11, 2017 at 8:00 PM

After another lengthy hiatus, it's time to start writing again. 2017 started off with a lot of questions… mostly due to how 2016 ended. A very lengthy work commitment this year will shorten the length of the competitive season and spending time with my family before that is my top priority. So to quench my thirst for competition, yet still spend time with the family, we have decided to do a couple of YMCA sprint triathlons together. The first will be with my Dad (& maybe a sister) and the second will be with my Wife and Dad. While those two will be my only triathlons of the season, I do have a couple of other goals in mind.

In June I'll have my annual PT test and I'm gunning for a perfect score. Yep, it's official now that I've put it out in the public forum, I am trying hard to get that 100%. What used to be easy (as in 5 times perfect score easy) has been made very difficult due to my on going back issues and focus on distance running. Fortunately I've been working with a very good team on getting that remedied and have retooled my training away from distance running back to short course running. Getting the mile and a half under 9:12 will be the key to a perfect score. Despite the fact I used to run it in 7:45, 9:12 will be a challenge, but one I'm looking forward to conquering.

Other than those three events, Kate and I may pick up a couple of 5K’s together but if not that's OK too. My focus this year is on strengthening the family bonds, not racing hard. I've come to accept and appreciate that I will not turn pro with triathlon and realistically, will not become a national champion either. What I can be is the best husband to my wife, father to my kids, son to my parents and brother to my siblings. Success there is way more important than any award, ranking, or classification.

All that being said, I will clearly not be doing much “Post Race Reporting” this year. I will however keep blogging and am looking forward to writing about the pending topics. . A big thanks to everybody who has encouraged me to begin writing again, to keep my head up and train hard, and for the support as life changes.

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