Tri-Tech and the YMCA (Part 4)

Posted by [email protected] on August 14, 2016 at 3:25 PM

The third installment of this miniseries is not about people but about places…although the people make that places what they are…


Every athlete has their home-base to operate out of. Professional golfers have their pro shop, NASCAR drivers have their preferred pit-stops and I have TriTech Multi-Sport and the YMCA.


I have written about TriTech quite a few times as the source for all things triathlon in the state of Ohio. Being conveniently located off I-71, I can get to their shop in less than an hour from home or work and they are easy to access from any part of the state. As an age grouper or professional it’s critical to have a place to go for quality work and trusted advice. As my fitness and riding styles change they are always there to key in my riding position to make me as aero, powerful and comfortable as possible.


Beyond the great service I’ve received over the years Christ and Leanne have introduced me to product distributors, inside representatives, other athletes and industry technology leaders. All of those relationships in one way or another could lead to sponsorships or endorsements which are a necessity for professionals.


The other key partnership for me would be (is) with the YMCA's of the USA. ***Full disclosure I am very biased towards the YMCAs. *** Aside from my personal feelings, the Y has everything a triathlete needs. Nearly all of them have pools, indoor tracks and/or treadmills, spin studios and/or riding groups. In addition they have weight rooms and fitness machines that are necessary for developing that functional strength which is critical for long-term success. One huge program that I'm a fan of is their “YMCA Away Program”.


This program allows anyone who is a member of one Y to work out at another in a different location at no additional cost. Back in May, I was in three different states and utilized this program so I would not miss any training...SCORE! Not only does the program give you access to a gym in general, it gives you a diverse environment which provide different training stimulus… which are always helpful during a long training season.


Those of you who have visited my sponsors and supporters page may have noticed both Tri-Tech and the Y are listed. Good job for paying attention and thanks for checking out my other pages. If I was fortunate enough to make the jump from the age group to professional these are two relationships that I would absolutely take with me.


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