Regaining Shape with The Human Form (Part 3)

Posted by [email protected] on June 27, 2016 at 8:15 PM

As we continue in the series of being a professional, I'm going to stick with the theme of strategic partnerships. This week I had the opportunity to team up with James Fryer of The Human Form Fitness (http://humanformfitness.com/). This place is more than just a gym or somewhere for personal training. This is a holistic studio where biomechanical imbalances and issues of all types are corrected. Athletes are always looking for ways to train harder, go longer and get stronger, but few of them truly take a look at what's going on inside the body. Fortunately the staff at THF does that for us.



I went to THF for two purposes: first to figure out a way to fix my ongoing back issues without surgery and secondly to correct muscular imbalances. Going in to the appointment I was an open slate. Leaving, I was chock-full of knowledge both about my strengths and more importantly my weaknesses. As with everything else; knowledge is power!



Over the course of our two hour appointment Jimmy put me through a complete battery of tests. Looking at everything from balance and strength to postural alignment and lateral stability, nothing went untested. I thought that I was solid in all of those areas and the back injury was my only weakness. I was dead wrong! As it turns out, my only strength was balance! I failed or only marginally passed all the other assessments. The big shocker was that I have next to no lateral stability and very poor core strength. As James put it “from the outside you look like a Porsche, but on the inside you’re a Prius.” He was saying esthetically I look solid and strong, but with the “inside core” I was very weak. I was reeling, but the tests were hands-on and sure enough, my core was failing. This was the kind of wake-up call I needed.


Over the next couple of months I’ll be specifically strength training using the protocols prescribed by Jimmy. He is very confident that the back will be fixed by strengthening my internal core, including my diaphragm and increasing my back and hip flexibility. Another goal we have is to balance my muscles. My quads are fiercely strong, but the hamstrings are wildly underdeveloped. By correcting all these issues I’ll be primed for my late season goals and be in a much better position for long term success.


A long term relationship with The Human Form Fitness will take any athlete from GOOD to GREAT and that is why this strategic partnership is vital for continued success.


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